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Comments (19)

What are the requirements for being added to this list?

Oh,I don't have any,really.Just post some content under any category and if I find you,your username will appear here and should anyone need any help in their projects,I'll recommend the artists.Hope that helped!

Can you add me?


For music?


can you add me ?

Okay,which group would you like to be in?

animation , plz

Roger!If anyone's looking for an animator,I'll let you know!

*Burp* add me Maybe idk
add me to da animators *Burp* XD
cx still being original.

I would be suprised if you knew what i just sayd CX

Okay!And excuse you,haha.

I'm not good at anything of this... So i don't know why i Commented though...

It's okay,I always love a good chat!So what brings you to my post,my friend?

Add me , i think in animation content?
that is yar desicion ^^

I was thinking of putting you under artists but seeing that I already got a number of them,I agree with your idea.How experienced are you in that?

What is it ?

Hello,how may I help you?

Hi. Can you serve me a cup of tea please? CX

Okay,what would you like and how would you like it?Hot or iced?

@mchectorll hot, thanks lol

Would you like any snacks with that?

@mchectorll some doritos pls

Ahhh,let's see.Hmm,looks like we need to make a run to the store.Do you mind waiting for a while,sir?

Some peopIe think im Good Iike creepah i think

That's because you are good!

I can say that dankon is rlly good at sprite-animating

Yeah and that's where he belongs on my list!

Aw I didn't make it to your list.
Hopefully one day. lol

Oh rats!I forgot,I'll get it down right now!Which group would you like to be in,miss-Audio or Art?

Either one is fine, Whichever you like the most! =)

Help,I can't decide!Which one are you stronger or are more interested in?


You can just put music for now! I haven't really uploaded a lot of my artwork and I have more music up than anything else. =)

Roger that,mam!

Thank you! =D

It's nothing,just a little favour for a friend.If anyone should ask for any artist,you'll be one of the first to know!

Thank you!

*cy Five*

No problem,mam and right back at ya!