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Though it has really been a while since your last animation,you still never fail to impress,sir.he simple (and sad story) and the overall quality(sound,design) makes this an entertaining piece of work just in time for Halloween!Keep it up and hope to see more!

Short,simple and cheeky humor.Well done!

This looks pretty interesting with questions left unanswered like,'who's the hero?','who are the enemies he's/it's fighting against'.One thing's for sure,it is going to be one really bloody mayhem of a story.Can't wait to see it!(You might want to fix the music loop,though.)

Sherklov responds:

Thanks, and the final version won't have the loop problem.

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This is a simple yet pretty engaging game and it's different from some,if not,most games where the player has to play as a human character.If this game is going to be updated,there could be more friendly and enemy types and different skills to level up and maybe a shop to buy more structures for different purposes and traps or to upgrade the seeds of death to create stronger units.As this is for Ludum Dare,it is quite a good way to kill some time,so good work and keep it up!

This is an interesting take on the Five Nights at Freddy's series with its action platformer concept and quite entertaining storyline.There's a good variety of weapons,from the normal combat types(assault rifles,shotguns) to more wackier ones(toy gun from the arcade).However,melee weapons can still damage even when they're not close enough,take the axe for example.It wouldn't be too surprising that even the jackhammer can actually beat the more badass guns(except for the sniper rifle)without the character taking any damage if the player attacks from a safe range.There could be different difficulty levels with the character's health decreasing for each level with tougher opponents and players get to unlock more weapons,different endings and skins with each difficulty level beaten.The game lags when the weapons are fired repeatedly but it returns back to normal after a while.Anyway,this is well done,so good work on this and hope to see more soon!

This is an interesting take on the classic pinball.It looks deceptively simple with its size and design but still remains engaging enough to kill some time,earn some medals and get that high score!Maybe,there could be more power-ups like an extra life(or shark) as it's quite easy for it to fall straight through the flippers and a slow-down effect,the gameplay can get a little too fast for the eyes sometimes(never mind taking breaks during this addictive little game!)The timer keeps things moving along,so this game is not meant for those looking to play for leisure and their own pace but for those up for a challenge,medals and to kill some time like the old days in the arcade.Kudos to the creator and keep it up!

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for your indepth review, I will consider your thoughts for the next version!

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This clip sounds very promising for an audio series with a mix of mystery,sci-if and possibly horror(maybe later on?).The voice also suits the role very well.Great work to you both and hope to hear more of this!Best of luck for this project!

By the way,Hope it’s not too early or late to wish everyone a happy New Year!

NyanaCreation responds:

Haha yah it's working up to be an horror story but it has to have the basic stuff in first right so yah. it needs to start somewhere ^^ anyway thanks for the compliments as always.

and Happy New year to you to ^^

This is an interesting concept of dialogue between friends.Usually,when we hear people in conversation,it's one person speaking and the other/s listening before it's their turn to talk.Here,while it's only one person doing all the talking,you can get the feeling of being part of the conversation.It makes us,the listeners wonder what the other person was thinking while the speaker brought up some rather personal issues involving friendship.Quite a well written script together with an expressive vocal talent make this an interesting and thoughtful experience.Great job to you both on your first collaboration and all the best in your future ones,hope to hear more soon!

NyanaCreation responds:

i am so happy you like it. you are one of my oldest friends and i was really curious what you thought about it. i am so happy you like and enjoy the script. the conversation is in asmr style. it is not wispering because i don't really enjoy that but i like the style it is writen in and i wanted to try it out. i am really happy that the script went over so smooth and that we as partners with a collab really click what i didn't expect at first but i was so happy it did. and i am also happy that is gender nutral. i am glad you enjoy this and there will probebly more audio collabs like this with Eight in the fututre what makes me really happy ^^ he is an awesome guy to collab with.

The song has that 'determined' rhythm to it and a little intense at the parts with the heavy beats.Good work and keep it up!

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Not bad for an early work.The headband seemed a little short but it could just be me as I don’t really know much about headphones.Good work!

NyanaCreation responds:

Thank you and i made it with the reverence of my own head phones so it seemed fine but i get what you mean. thanks for the compliment though ^^

The design looks interesting.It can be anything like a futuristic machine or a vase.Good work and hope to see more soon!

If you’re interested,I have some 3D stuff left over from my old school that I can share.

NyanaCreation responds:

aahww thanks but nah it's not a futuristic machine or vase. like i said in the tittle it's a potion bottle. but thanks for the support. i probbebly will share more stuff of my 3D work mabey in the future.

and you should i would love to see some of your work ^^

You seemed to be getting better at your style,keep it up and hope to see more of your art soon!

NyanaCreation responds:

Yah i am proud of this one. i made alot of progress with my art especially lattely because i have been practesing almost every day (also sorry for my bad english it's quite late for me and i am exhausetd worked for 16 hours straight today so yah :p ) anyway thanks so much ^^

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