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This is a simple yet pretty engaging game and it's different from some,if not,most games where the player has to play as a human character.If this game is going to be updated,there could be more friendly and enemy types and different skills to level up and maybe a shop to buy more structures for different purposes and traps or to upgrade the seeds of death to create stronger units.As this is for Ludum Dare,it is quite a good way to kill some time,so good work and keep it up!

This is an interesting take on the Five Nights at Freddy's series with its action platformer concept and quite entertaining storyline.There's a good variety of weapons,from the normal combat types(assault rifles,shotguns) to more wackier ones(toy gun from the arcade).However,melee weapons can still damage even when they're not close enough,take the axe for example.It wouldn't be too surprising that even the jackhammer can actually beat the more badass guns(except for the sniper rifle)without the character taking any damage if the player attacks from a safe range.There could be different difficulty levels with the character's health decreasing for each level with tougher opponents and players get to unlock more weapons,different endings and skins with each difficulty level beaten.The game lags when the weapons are fired repeatedly but it returns back to normal after a while.Anyway,this is well done,so good work on this and hope to see more soon!

This is an interesting take on the classic pinball.It looks deceptively simple with its size and design but still remains engaging enough to kill some time,earn some medals and get that high score!Maybe,there could be more power-ups like an extra life(or shark) as it's quite easy for it to fall straight through the flippers and a slow-down effect,the gameplay can get a little too fast for the eyes sometimes(never mind taking breaks during this addictive little game!)The timer keeps things moving along,so this game is not meant for those looking to play for leisure and their own pace but for those up for a challenge,medals and to kill some time like the old days in the arcade.Kudos to the creator and keep it up!

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for your indepth review, I will consider your thoughts for the next version!

This is an interesting version of a defense game with quite a humorous(and true) story.It really challenges players' precision and alertness with quite a number of events happening at any one time in the game,the bonus coin appearing and sinking the correct ships.While there are no levels here which means more money can be earned with each replay,it can get a little repetitive after a while as upgrades get more expensive which means more replaying but it isn't so bad as there's some randomizing going on here,sometimes there's more icebergs or pirate ships appearing than other times,so the challenge doesn't really tire out thankfully.Maybe there could be some air units like helicopters and planes to shoot down,but that would mean the story has to change.Anyway,this game would be engaging enough to kill some time and also to get some loot,ahem,medals,so kudos to the creator/s for making this!

It's simple yet pretty good for a demo game.The character moves smoothly and there are no glitches and it did not lag so far.While there are other characters in the game,maybe more interaction with them(besides bumping into spiked monsters) would make the gameplay more interesting(for example,there is an old person on Level One and he could run away from the player's character as he looks like a robber and further on,there's a police officer who could give chase,which means that there would have to be more controls for the character to run,slide and do other actions(opening doors/windows.)The storyline(if there's one) may be that the player's character isn't a hero but a 'baddy' getting away from justice,something a little different from the other stories,though it's also not a new idea.Each level in this game is pretty big so there could be more hidden areas to find treasures and more characters to interact with.The character may have tools to help in the levels like a hammer and a crowbar to smash and break open stuff and a shop could be added in the game,so as to get more and better tools like a blowtorch which could bought with loot.Anyway,besides some improvements,this game is a great start for a bigger project,so keep it up and good luck!

KRAnimationsUK responds:

Nice advice thanks. All the NPC's have a bit of AI and I think you can attack all of them by pressing SPACE BAR. The second level has NPC's with swords that are alerted when you're near them and attack if you get too close. But all of your advice is good and helpful. thanks

This game really brings back memories of a long lost craze(well,maybe about a decade ago).The game design are simple,yet well-done,even the blades' movements are quite realistically smooth and the music suits the game's environment.There's a training area for the player to challenge opponents and it seems that the player ends up losing most of the time in the early stages and it's true that a blader's path does not start out smoothly and with each defeat,there's experience to be gained,unfortunately in this game,that isn't enough to get the player better gear;money must be earned.The opponents are overpowered to start with,a difficulty level for each opponent could be added to balance the game,for example,a level one player challenges a level one opponent with almost the same power for each side.Also,there has to be a better way for this game to engage the player,in this game,the player launches the blade and watches the match take place and nothing more.True,this does happen in real life too,but in this game,there should be some manual control like pressing the 'spacebar' to help the blade spin longer and it's a lot more helpful than just watching.This way will not only engage but also encourage the player to play this game longer,as there is a better chance of winning too.Overall,this is quite a decent game,good for those wanting to kill some time and re-live some memories or also those hunting for medals which can get better with some improvements,so keep it up anyway and good luck!

Note(to players):Expect to get defeated until you're up to level two(it's quite painful to watch and a little annoying to see the 'Haha,I beat you' message everytime) but do bear with it,there will be a win in one of the matches sooner or later and this will be the turning point.

JackAstral responds:

Great points- I just uploaded a patch then that makes it a little easier for the player when they first start. I'll address the other things you mentioned in another patch asap. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a detailed review- I really, really appreciate it :)

This is a simple,yet engaging time-killer.The graphics gives the game an old arcade feel and the game concept,while not new,it really puts the word 'fast' in fast food(and the idea of dragging and dropping options is a clever one too.)There's a nice touch of humor too,with a few unusual 'ingredients' to trick unwary players(just blame the cook for leaving his things around.)Anyway, time-bonuses in the form of clocks or timers can be added into the game and there could also be more types of dishes like burgers,sandwiches or pizzas because they'll make the game more 'mouth-watering'.Good work on this and keep it up!

SirenGames responds:

Umm. This is interesting... We actually had the wristwatch from Surgeon Simulator in the game that you could put on your taco to get more time. But... it seems that I uploaded the wrong build or something. I'll look into that and get it updated soon.

As for the rest of your review. Thanks so much! You're awesome and I'm glad you took the time to give us a review. Did you notice that mustaches give you the most points? : { )

Though it's quite a pity this isn't the full game with all its additions,it is still enjoyable with its simple and yet quite engaging game concept that gives players enough to explore.The hidden coins gives the game a 'Easter egg hunt' kind of feel too and also a good reason to explore the underground.Maybe the coins could be used to buy stuff at a shop set up at some areas(who would have thought of doing that in real life?) like a diving suit to increase movement speed underwater(don't know if other players know about this,but pressing down and clicking the mouse would make the character go underwater slowly)and a pickaxe to smash rocks to reveal more hidden treasures besides coins.It would be also quite cool to find other types of characters like other people(miners with stories to tell) and animals(bats flapping around and dropping dung).The grappling hook is really useful in reaching those high areas but it can be quite hard to for the character to actually go there as he will become a swinging pendulum because the grappling hook will not pull him up,maybe pressing 'W' or spacebar could help fix this.Overall,this game is engaging enough to kill some time with it's 'free to explore' concept,so great work and keep it up!Oh and congratulations on winning first place!

Seppyb63 responds:

Its like your reading from our design doc haha :)

Cheers man, great to see someone gets exactly what we were going for with a single isolated play-through.

Thanks man :)

This is a simple yet engaging game with a well-loved backstory and quite catchy music,making it a pretty good time-killer for those wanting a challenge(and medals.)The game physics are a little off though,the tomato could sometimes roll off the level even when it is quite stable or when it's rolling in the opposite way,it would stop and roll backwards even when there's no ramp in front but it's just a game,so what the heck.More types of food could be used in the game to make it more interesting and challenging to(,not saying that this game is easy enough only with a tomato.)
Anyway,great work on this and hope to see more!And good luck to those wanting to complete the game!

radconrad responds:

Thanks for the kind words! I am glad that you liked it.

Though simple,the game is decent and quite well doneThe controls work quite smoothly(although the character can't turn very well when attacking.)Good work on making the effects of damage and the shield(when it is upgraded)noticeable,because it could have been a mistake(the damage level staying the same even when it's upgraded,for example.)There could be more types of enemies(some that can fire stuff at the character,some that can pop out of the ground,just to name a few),more types of weapons,some character skills,besides stats and some in-game quests to make the game more interesting.There could also be some music added to the settings to liven it up more.Anyway,this game is pretty good for a first attempt and practice makes perfect,so keep practicising!Good luck!

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