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Though it has really been a while since your last animation,you still never fail to impress,sir.he simple (and sad story) and the overall quality(sound,design) makes this an entertaining piece of work just in time for Halloween!Keep it up and hope to see more!

Short,simple and cheeky humor.Well done!

This looks pretty interesting with questions left unanswered like,'who's the hero?','who are the enemies he's/it's fighting against'.One thing's for sure,it is going to be one really bloody mayhem of a story.Can't wait to see it!(You might want to fix the music loop,though.)

Sherklov responds:

Thanks, and the final version won't have the loop problem.

Sorry to hear about the amount of pain you are going through,sadly,everyone has to go through painful moments in their lives,most do get up and move on while others take the more tragic and destructive path.Maybe next time,why not turn your ideas into a story along with characters and settings?It will take longer to make but it can give you more creative results.Good luck!

nathanboss03 responds:


While this is made quite well and entertaining to watch(nice touch with the ending there,though that is not always the case),it could be more balanced with more reasons why bullies act in such ways.Surely,it can't always be violent video games?Broken families,isolation,discrimination are some of the other causes and they show that the bullies are not all bad but sometimes,are/were victims themselves,so it's unfair to give them those names(at 0.29).How does giving the bullies names make the victims any better people,really?No one deserves to be treated with a little less respect than anyone,bully or victim.There isn't anything wrong here,it just needs to be a little more balanced and not side with anyone(if it's not a rant) and everyone has their opinions.Just remember to keep practicing(and there could be more animation to make it livelier) and there are a couple of mistakes(0.18-'especially' and 0.29-'thieves'),but other than that,it is quite entertaining,so good work!

nathanboss03 responds:

Yeah sorry about the audio, and I'm working on music.

Great work on this well-made trailer.Everything about it is appealing from the grim background to the apocalyptic atmosphere(wrecked vehicles,burning buildings) which leaves many questions begging to be answered from the obvious ''what happened?'' and 'who is she?'' to the more suspenseful 'who is after her and why?'This trailer does a fantastic job in setting up the stage for what could become a masterpiece for fans of such a genre.Kudos to the creator for the time and effort put into this work and keep it up!

RobsH66 responds:

Thank you, I enjoyed reading your review. I will keep it up for sure!

Dramatic?Yes.Realistic?Very.The message here is short and simple,yet it pretty much reflects the aftermath of a breakup-the difficulty to forget/remember the past,the painful reminder and the choice of letting go or sinking(for the female character here,she chose to move on and that's why it ended happily.)The music and facial expressions really add life to the whole story,though a little backstory on the cause for the breakup to add more to the story.Anyway,well done on this short but entertaining animation,hope to see more!Good luck!

While there may not be much to it,it's quite well done as the movements of the character is fluid(which might explain the amount of time taken for this work.)To start with,there could be a background with other characters interacting with one another,birds flying around,something to bring out the life in the animation.From the mood of the music,the settings may be mysterious,even sinister(with a character walking and smiling like that,why not?)This fellow could taking a stroll through a dark forest or a graveyard to his hideout for whatever dark reason.A disturbing secret,maybe?Well,it's up to the imagination,so do continue the story and good luck!

Ballzy247 responds:

Thanks MchectorII

As long as I've managed to evoke some kind of response . . . whether it be good, bad, or of uneasiness and mystery in the viewer watching, then I've done what I've set out to do.

I will hopefully come back to this character concept at a later stage. But right now, I have other thing I need to work on.

Thanks again . . .


Ha,this really brought back memories(has it really been that long?!)...The creativity here(tweaking of the lyrics from an already popular 80's hit)really suits modern listeners,especially those from Singapore(who can truly understand almost anything that appears here.)Sure,it may not be the most original(thanks to Billy Joel who 'started' it and that it's an updated version),but hey, it's fun to see another country being as an example in his song,again.That way,everyone from other countries can learn what makes Singapore unique as theirs and get entertained by the song and historic facts.To make it more interesting,compare the two versions-this one and that last one(8 years ago) to see what changed in this period of time,like a 'spot the difference' game.Overall,everything here is well done,though the music quality could be improved(not so sure about the word 'strongk' in 0.50),so great work to the creator and his team as usual and keep it up!

Here's a little translation for some words in the lyrics so viewers who are non-Singaporeans can better understand and maybe use worldwide,haha:

ALAMAK(0.29)-OMG in Malay

Ang Mor/Ang Mo or Hong Mao in Chinese(0.34)-Caucasian,or anyone with white skin(and red hair as its literal meaning)

Kenna(not to be mistaken for a musician,a girl's name or anything that appears in a dictionary)(0.39)-Malay for 'to be in contact with',as in 'kenna' by something,it means to get hit by something.

Buay Ho Sei(not to be mistaken for the Japanese 'Hosei')(2.15)-Hokkien(Chinese Dialect)Real meaning isn't too clear,jia lat*.While 'Buay' means 'cannot',there is no single meaning for 'ho sei'(ho sei liao means 'very good' and can also be used sarcastically) and (ho sei bo means how are you) so it's up to anyone to guess what it means or they could just find it on the Internet or ask any old-school Singaporean. *jia lat-oh dear(also in Hokkien)

Boliao or Boh Liao(2.38)-Hokkien for nothing better to do.

That whole sentence(2.39)-Hokkien,maybe except for 'Ar'(Cantonese,another dialect)Wa Piang/Wah Piang is any word to describe shock or exclamation and the rest means 'Don't be like this' simply.

(2.51)Lah-Truly Singaporean way to end sentences like an emoticon or exclamation
Liao-Another Singaporean way to say 'already'
Pok Kai-Cantonese for Bankrupt

PAK/Pah(3.31)-Cantonese for to burst or go bust.

(3.34)Meh-It works like 'Lah' but to end off questions.
Lor-Ends off sentences that means 'let it be this way'.
Bo Jio-Never invite or why did you not invite me(thus the face)

This should cover all the slang used in this song,if not,it's best to have the Internet and a Singaporean friend at hand to DOUBLE CONFIRM PLUS CHOP(another lingo)!The abbreviations and people here best relate to Singaporeans,so it's okay if not everyone doesn't understand it all but this should get them chuckling at least(except for zombies.)

To end this off,Happy 50th Birthday to the little red dot,Singapore and her people!!!May you all have a bright future along with the other countries!

NCH responds:

haha thanks for the huge writeup explaining the lingo and terms, must have taken you a long time to go through all that haha...

glad you enjoyed it. the main video is on my youtube channel, but I thought I should just have it on newgrounds too since I began my interest in animation on this very site.

This animation is simple yet realistic;who doesn't mistreat their home appliances out of anger or impatience?That being said,maybe in the future,it can happen to anyone who wants to be a 'glutton' for punishment.Good work and keep it up!

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