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Not bad for an early work.The headband seemed a little short but it could just be me as I don’t really know much about headphones.Good work!

NyanaCreation responds:

Thank you and i made it with the reverence of my own head phones so it seemed fine but i get what you mean. thanks for the compliment though ^^

The design looks interesting.It can be anything like a futuristic machine or a vase.Good work and hope to see more soon!

If you’re interested,I have some 3D stuff left over from my old school that I can share.

NyanaCreation responds:

aahww thanks but nah it's not a futuristic machine or vase. like i said in the tittle it's a potion bottle. but thanks for the support. i probbebly will share more stuff of my 3D work mabey in the future.

and you should i would love to see some of your work ^^

You seemed to be getting better at your style,keep it up and hope to see more of your art soon!

NyanaCreation responds:

Yah i am proud of this one. i made alot of progress with my art especially lattely because i have been practesing almost every day (also sorry for my bad english it's quite late for me and i am exhausetd worked for 16 hours straight today so yah :p ) anyway thanks so much ^^

That's a pretty good picture and also an interesting use of the 'Gravity Falls' theme.The colours really made this eye-catching enough without being too bright.The picture could even be used as a lovely Halloween card.Well done and keep it up!

CatOfSnow responds:

Aww... Thanks! :D
I kinda messed up those two little guys' line work a bit but... It's good overall :)

That's one of the things that will happen to almost any fan if they were to see their favourite character/s come to life,haha.Good work!

AndreaPadillaCollazo responds:

thank you cx

Interesting to see you trying out a new art method and well done for making that.Keep it up!

NyanaCreation responds:

Thank you so much, i'm really glad with the results and that you like it makes me happy ^_^
so thanks again for that.

It's funny that the cat looks like an onigiri(rice ball),so it wouldn't be wrong to say it's so cute that you'd eat it up!Good work!

NyanaCreation responds:

haha i never thought about that :p it is a funny consept and i like it although i never thought of that. but yep it's cute :3

Good work as usual,keep it up!

Rrachel-chan responds:

Thank you :D

Not bad,hope to see it when it's done!

NyanaCreation responds:

Thank you ^_^
(i just finshed coloring the hair and i think i'll upload the picture tomorrow and i think it turned out pretty well. mabey i'll color the eyes but i'm not sure yet mabey you could tell if i should do it or not but i'm happy you like it ^_^)

Good job on this.So are you going to work on different hairstyles next?Love to see it!

NyanaCreation responds:

thank you ^_^
and mabey i'm going to practise hair coloring for now and than mabey i'll practise some
different hair styles. but i'm going to practise more that's for sure :)

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