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Entry #17

Here's to all lovebirds and those yet to be.

2017-02-14 10:56:52 by MchectorII

I hope that everyday will be a chance for those who haven't found their special someone and for those who did,may your love grow everyday.Happy Valentine's Day!



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2017-02-15 11:59:26

Happy Late Valentine's day ^_^

MchectorII responds:

Thank you and same to you,my friend!


2017-03-03 13:31:00

Happy late Valentines Day, Dude.
Song I found relevant.

MchectorII responds:

Thank you,hope everything's okay on your side!


2017-03-17 12:26:37

I have a boyfriend, but he lives so far away, so I didn't get to see him :-:

MchectorII responds:

Sorry to hear about that but I hope you both have been keeping in touch.


2017-07-24 05:20:38

Joined the site five years ago and you're a Supreme Commander. That's impressive! I got you beat, though! :p

MchectorII responds:

Just doing my job(for Newgrounds),mam and I'd say we both are doing a pretty swell one at that,keep it up!